Zlatan Ibile Embarrassed Me At Davido’s House, Told Guards To Beat Me Mercilessly – Fan

A fan has narrated how he was embarrassed at Davido’s house with rapper Zlatan Ibile calling for him to be beaten.

The fan, Raheem Sodiq stated that he was driving along Admiralty Way from his house which is closed to Davido’s house when he noticed some celebrities hanging around the singer’s house.

Excitedly, he decided to capture the moment only for him to be embarrassed.

He shared:

“On my way driving back home cos I live very close to Davido house in Lekki (Admiralty Way). Making my turn around the streets I noticed a lot of celebrities hanging and chilling alongside Davido on his Balcony so I decided to make a u-turn to capture a moment being a huge fan of Davido and 30 BG at large.

“So I parked and rolled down the glass halfway. Just before we could do anything, one of the security guards moved closer and hit my brother in the face. I felt so disappointed and nothing made me feel so bad than hearing Zlatan screaming at the top of his voice from the balcony saying “are you guys crazy. Seize their phones, slap them”.’

Raheem Sodiq stated that he tried to explain but shelved the idea when he saw a crowd moving towards them with mob intentions. He had to zoom off for safety.

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