In Celebration Of TMichaels Birthday – See Facts You Don’t Know (Drop Your Birthday Wishes For Him)

Kokohypes Shout out of the day goes to no other person than Awosanwo Oluwatosin Ayanfe popularly known as “Tmicheals” / “TM”. See Facts You Don’t Know

My name is Awosanwo Oluwatosin Ayanfe popularly known as “Tmicheals” / “TM”. You might be wondering how I coined that my name right? Well, I won’t say anything about it here in this post. Well, I’m a graphics designer, a photographer and a blogger. Although, graphics designing has been the notch of other profession I do, it has been the fittest and it also brings food to the table to analyze or fund other services I offer.

I proud to say, I’m the first son of my parents and I’m so blessed to be in Awosanwo’s family ?. They’ve taught me a lot of things while growing up and still they didn’t give up on that – Mum & Dad thank you for bringing me into this world ?.

Yeppi! Let’s go straight to why we are here, today happens to be another 365days of new year! Simply put, I’m a year older today (+1), and I want to use this opportunity to wish myself a great and happy years ahead.

Why the mixtape? Sighs! DJ Kokolet is a friend and a brother to me, we both work together in the same media sphere and fortunately, I’m very sure he might had it in mind to do a mixtape for me to celebrate ? my birthday. Yes! He did, while we had a conversation few hours to my birthday, I was so interested and happy about it.

35Mins with TM is a gift from the stable of Kokohypes Media – DJ Kokolet who has proven to show love towards me.

We say a loud Happy birthday to him and we pray he never fall. Keep winning and keeping heading the the Top ?

From all of us @ Kokohypes ????????

In celebration of Tmichaels day, Drop your Birthday wishes for him & Tell us how good or Bad he is.

Drop your comments.

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