Two Gay men arrested in Kogi state (Read full Details)

Tunde Sekoni, a 23-year old Nigerian man serving at Lobon-Gowa, Kogi State, has been arrested by the police for his involvement in a homosexual relationship with an older partner named Kabiru Usman , an indigene of Kaduna State.

Both men were caught in the act by neighbours who quickly invited the men of Nigeria Police Force to the scene. Grapevine has it that Kabiru Usman is suspected for homosexual activities and this has made him a subject of constant suspicion in his neighbourhood. During interrogation, Tunde Sekoni told the police that that was his first time of getting involved in the illicit act and that he was enticed into the act by Kabiru Usman whom he met in a banking hall few months earlier. Tunde Sekoni, an indigene of Lagos State and presently serving at Lobon-Goma Primary School, Kogi State, told the police about how Usman persuaded him on several occasions before he agreed to the act.

On his part, Kabiru Usman confessed to have been indulging in the act for years and mention Sheriff Lawal , Mr Solomon and Ayo Basogo as some of the men he had had sexual relationships with in recent years. He claimed to have been indoctrinated into homosexuality by one Daniel Thambaya, his former boss in Qatar. Kabiru Usman also mentioned Solomon Akija and Qatar based Quassim Oderinde as some of his homosexual friends.
While Tunde Sekoni and Kabiru Usman are currently awaiting trials, the police have issued arrest warrants for all the persons incriminated in Usman’s confession.

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