1. What a great privilege to show my appreciation to the best producer Mr oluwatosin aka Mr salt u are too much

  2. 2ace deserved this honor due to the level of dedication and hard work he has don so far since the beginning of the year.

  3. I vote for Mr salt as the best producer of the year because I love all his music and his creative and knows all what it takes about music love u bro , one love .

  4. I voted for Mr. Salt why?
    Just because people do appreciate all his studio banging record or live….. Kudos to ?

  5. Jolypak. See is not about what people say or about population.
    Jolypak is a kind of producer no one can compete with, believe me he does things u never could expect from a young producer like him.
    Boss you are the real boss here, no shaking

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