Guys, Have You Ever Fvck A Girl Once And Run Away? (Share Your Experience)

Hi Guys!

Some girls can be so dramatic especially after fvcking them.

I met this girl during my school days, we became friends accidentally, I don’t know how it happened, the day we had sex too, we started like play.

After sex, she asked me, who am I to you now? I said you’re my friend then she started crying.

Fear catch me, make this girl no go hold breast curse me, I sharperly go close to her and started telling her what she wants to hear.”

“You’re my sweetheart, the love of my life, my boo and all”.

The next day, I cut all communication and blocked her everywhere. I don’t want a girl who will be all up on my neck.

The truth is, different things can make a guy fvck a girl once and run away.

So Guys?

Have You Ever Fvck A Girl Once And Run Away, What Really Happened?

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