JUMAAT MUBARAK!! As A Muslim, If You Can Change Something About Islam, What Would You Change?

Hello fellow Muslim brothers & sisters,

Jumaat Mubarak to you all, Insha Allah, this won’t be our last Jummat on earth ?

It’s another glorious Friday and we thought we should create a Post like this so we all can learn one or two things.

Islam is a religion of peace and I am super proud to be a Muslim, we know you are too and we want you to be very sincere as you comment on this post.

Religion is a very important part of everyone’s life but as human, no matter how perfect something is, we still tend to find something we are not cool with in it. As a Muslim, we know there are something you just wish are not the way they are in Islam but who are we to complain? Allah is 100% perfect and knows what’s best for us.

If you are true to yourself, there are somethings you envy in Christianity that you wish are allowed or happening in Islam but are not.

Today, here’s our simple question for you ?

As A Muslim, If You Can Change Something About Islam, What Would You Change?

We want to hear from you all.


As a Muslim, the mediocrity going on in the Muslim community is so painful and needs to stop else it will keep downsizing the number of Muslims while the number of those converting to Christians will keep increasing.

If you are a Muslim but don’t pray often, try and go to a nearby Mosque where you are known, I can bet you will leave that mosque in shame as the Alfas will turn you into a laughing stock and make mockery of you.

This does not happen in Churches, instead of making jest of you, they will look for how to pin you down so you can become one of their members for life.

Those days while we were still in School, they will even give you Food stuff, then collect your phone number so they can always keep in touch to keep bringing you back to their churches.

Let’s hear from you too.

Drop your comments.

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