Love Test!!! Can You Donate A Kidney For Your Fiancee?

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed..

That quote goes a long way and only those who believe in true love can act according to it without having any doubt or negativity in mind.

One of the things that makes a relationship as perfect as we might ever imagine or want is our ability to make rare sacrifices for the person we claim to love.

A relationship that passes the test of time can only comeback and be stronger than it was before if there is enough understanding, believe, contentment, understanding, intimacy and true love.

We pray against all evil plans against us. May we all never experience incurable diseases ?

Lets imagine the person you claimed to love was diagnosed with a kidney problem and he/she needs a donor as soon as possible or you might lost your fiancee.

Can You Ever Think Of Donating A Kidney To Save Your Love’s Life?

Lets have your say on this.

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