KH STORY!!! How Devil Save My Soul From This Evil Temptation – True Life Story

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I’ve never been this happy in my life, I got married to the love of my life after so many years of hardwork, so that I could put food on the table.

Years of break and make up between my wife and I, years of tears and heartbreak. Yet the devil wanted to put us to shame, thank God for his intervention, if not so, all these would have been history.

My wedding plans would have been ruined and I wouldn’t have been able to get married to the light of my life today.

It all started when she introduced me to her family as her husband to be.

On that fateful day, her little sister wasn’t around so I was told I’ll meet her later. I was about going to the car to get the little gift I brought for my fiance’s parents when I bumped into this curvy girl.

Her cleavage was too visible that it would make every man wanna have a taste. “Watch where you’re going next time,” she said to me.

I wanted to apologize but I couldn’t bring myself to say a word. Her physique is one in a million, I couldn’t stop imagining things as I stared at her before she went out of sight.

I took the gift from the car while I headed back to my fiancées. I got back into the house and I met this girl again.  “Tade, this is Shola, my little sister we’ve all been waiting for,” my wife said.

Oh no! This can’t be. Won’t she tell my fiancée I was busy looking at her. She smiled at me and came closer to hug me. God! the feeling of her breast on my chest is heaven.

It was so soft and tender, I bet it would be better at sight and feeling. I thought to myself. “Oh Tade, what is wrong with you? Focus” my subconscious said. I was happy my fiancee and I left their place in no time.

Since that day, this girl keeps parading herself in the compound whenever I’m around with her mini skirt and transparent dresses.

There was no way I could have told her NO because she always made it seem like she’s wasn’t trying to seduce me or like that’s her normal self but we both know it was a lie. We both know she wanted more.

This girl is a heaven sent Jezebel because she’s good at turning tables around even after making advances at you. Two days to my wedding, I was at my fiancee’s house to give her somethings I got.

I’ve not seen her in two weeks due to the wedding plans and all. I went there to drop gifts and I was hoping I could steal some kisses and romance you know. Wait in my room, my fiancée said.

NOTES:- 20 Comments and I will Drop the Part 2 Of This Story On How The Sister Later F*cked The Guy.

I was in the room waiting when someone entered. It was my fiancées sister (Shola) wow was all that could come to my head.

She was looking sexy and her dress was the one of “take me to bed now” God save my soul. She came closer exposing her breast the more.

She came close to my lips so that my lips would feel her boobs while she whispered I know you want me much as I want you, lets make this moment right, no one is close by.

At this point, my member was so hard that it needed something to penetrate in . I pushed her away from me, in an attempt to get condom from my car. I saw my wife standing by the car with her back facing me.

Just then I realized how much God blesses my wife too. I realized my wife has more of what I was about eating outside.

I felt bad of my intentions and I asked for forgiveness. I adjusted myself while I called out for her name.

A big smile was on her face. “My love, you did it. I knew you wouldn’t fall for it, I told them but they wouldn’t listen. When I refused, they told me I was scared because I knew you’d give in.

I trust you and I knew you wouldn’t do that. Come give me a hug my husband,” she said.

“God so it was all a trap?” I said to myself. Thank God for saving me from that temptation.

I hugged her so tight and I whispered “don’t ever do that to me again” I promise, she said while she kissed me slowly. I LOVE MY WIFE.

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