This Crazy Things Happened Between Me And Best Friend – Is He Still My Best Friend?

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“Just one drink, I’ll be fine”, I said to Charles. He shooked his head and walked out of my sight.

Oh Charles Charles Charles, he cares too much. I would have given him a chance but then he’s my best friend.

I mean do people ever go into a relationship with their best friends? I can’t even do that.

It’s going to ruin whatever we have. I don’t even want the whole shenanigans that comes with a relationship to creep into ours.

We’re better off as Best friends. All guys are the same but I think Charles is kinda different.

Hello everyone, I’m Tolulope, I’m gorgeous, classy, intelligent and the real expression of “that’s the girl” how do I know?

Well that’s all they all say to me (guys) could that be the reason why they all dump me? Oops. I think I made a wrong introduction of myself.

Hello everyone, I’m Tolulope, the girl every guy dumps in the end. I mean I don’t even know why all these ‘re happening to me.

I’m a good cook, no kidding guys , I actually have a mad shape, I’m intelligent, I have my own handiwork and I’m a very good communicator with God but they keep dumping me giving me flimsy excuses. Oh Kunle said I was too good for him

Femi said I deserve the best and he’s not the best for me Henry said “We won’t just work out as couple” Musa “my religion and yours don’t just match”

And I just saw Emeka with a girl having sex on the same bed we use to do it.

Guys can’t just get satisfied, I mean what more do they want? All I can do is drink up till I’m exhausted “Tolulope, let’s leave now”, I heard Charles said .

He came to pull me by my arm while we walked out of the bar together. I was already tipsy

“Charles why are we so early”

“Let’s leave”, he said as he sounded angry

We hurried into the car while I occupied the owner’s corner.

“I’m your driver abi”, he said

I giggled at his words. He probably knew I was out of the world as he didn’t push any further.

I laid on the seat while I spread my legs across the front and back seat which made my underwear a little bit revealing.

I didn’t mind as I just wanted to be a little out of place. Is not like being composed as earned me a thing.

Maybe those guys hate composed girls. I should consider smoking, probably drinking too, or putting on heavy make ups or dress the way those girls do, maybe it would earn me a man.

Well that’s by the way, we’d get back to the men issue later. I didn’t want to think about them so I hummed to the song being played in the car.

Yay, Charles just knows the right song to move things, he’s probably playing that song because of his mood so we listened to “stick with you” by pussy cat dolls. I didn’t hear the last of the song as I fell asleep in no time.

I felt someone lifting me up, I opened one of my eyes to find out we were already at Charles’ place.

I still pretended like I was asleep to avoid him dropping me which means I’d have to walk up the stairs myself.

We got to Charles’ apartment. He took me straight to the guest room, he laid me on the bed, he pulled my shoes, while he covered me up. He was about turning the switch when my voice found its way.

“Why don’t they like Me?” I asked almost in tears while I raised my body to sit up well.

“What?” He said in schock as he thought I was sleeping He turned to face me.. “you weren’t sleeping??”

“Why don’t they like me Charles? Am I that much of a bad person, am I that ugly?” I said.

“Shhhhhhh” he said as pressed his fingers on his lips. He used his hands to dry my tears.

“Tolu, those guys are just blind, they can’t see the good in you. They can’t see there’s more to the beautiful face and physique God has given you, they can’t see that even your inner self is more than what you portray outside”, he said all these while rubbing my shoulders as if to console me.

“Look Tolulope”, he said as he moved closer to Me, almost making us exchange breath. “You’re an amazing person and you deserve the best, let them go, they are not yours”.

All these while he was saying all that, I wasn’t really paying attention, all I could see was his beautiful lips as I followed the rhythm of his lips with my eyes.

I didn’t know what happened but I had already locked my lips on his. He immediately pulled away and said “sorry, I should leave now”.

Oh Oh Charles is just a foolish person. I mean why didn’t he play along and we could discuss later. Reasons why I didn’t date him even though he didn’t ask me out directly.

He made a move to leave as I followed him so as to lock the door. We got to the door, I was standing beside him, waiting for him to take his foolish self out of the room.

“Goodnight Tolu”, he said moving close to me like he was going to hug me.

“Good night Charles” I said in return while I moved closer to meet his hugs. Alas! hug turned to kiss as our body missed eachother and our lips met.

He kissed me like he was expressing something but I was too lost to decipher as I was ready to swim in his ocean of kisses.

Soon, the kiss turned passionate and we moved around the room. He kissed me slowly, so slow that he was making me yearn for more.

I wanted his whole body inside mine, I wanted to feel him like I’ve never done.

He laid me softly on the bed while he pulled his clothes. I immediately pulled mine as I wanted him more than he wanted me .

He laid back on top of me still kissing me. I could feel his dick sending chills down my spine.

I wanted that dick inside me but it seems like all we were down for was kissing. I moved a little lower maybe the dick could at at least move to my pussy area.

Arrrggghhh effort wasted. He knew what I wanted, So he stopped kissing me while he used his tongue to tickle my ears.

Soft moan left my mouth as his tongue would be better of somewhere else. He used his tongue from my ears down to my Breast side, while he nibbled on them. He used his finger on my skin, teasing me at the same time nibbling on my Breasts.

He kept on teasing me with his finger while he moved from my skin down to a place a little bit below my abdomen, he used his finger there which made me want him more.

He went down the place teasing my vagina. He moved his body up as if to see my reaction when he was making wonders with his finger.

At this moment, I wanted him more as my pussy was wet enough to accommodate the man down there. I pleaded that he get inside me.

He moved his erected dick and positioned it at the entrance of my already wet pussy.

I shivered so bad. I immediately used my hand to push his buttocks so that he can get into me instead of playing around there.

He went inside and pounded me slowly. It was so slow that all I could do was moan.

The sound of uhhhh! ahhh! filled the room as I was enjoying the whole thing. Just then, the thought of “what are we now?” hit me.

Can I still call him my best friend?

would he even be able to consider dating me?

I hope this won’t ruin our relationship?

Wait this never felt so good, the dick is so on point.

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