Big Brother Naija Or Jenifa’s Diary? Which One Would You Rather Invest Your Time Watching?

It is no more news that there are many soap operas and  reality TV shows which has gained attention of  fans in and out the country.

Many lovers of these TV shows would rather set aside all what they are doing pending the time they are watching the TV. A big examples of these shows include Jenifa’s Diary and Big brother Nigeria otherwise known as BBN.

Although BBN is an occasional TV show which is scheduled for some particular time while Jenifa’s Diary is a dramatic show which comes in episodes by the ace actress, Funke Akindele.

Lately, attention of Nigerians have been drawn to the current Big brother show and interestingly for the organizers, the show is the current centre of excellence for almost all TV show lovers.

Jenifa’s Diary on the other hand is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to Nollywood, the award winning comedy movie series is a combination of funny characters which has got thousands of people thrilled and thus gained a lot of fans.

However, as expected, both TV shows have their own critics, people who have zero tolerance for their sight on their TV screens. Some termed Jenifa’s Diary as a waste of time with no solid lesson gained while many people have condemned Big brother Naija as another immorality that is making its way to our household due to some illicit acts that do occur while the program is on.

Anyway, with or without critics, the simple truth is both has enough fans in and out of the country and the fans are not getting tired anytime soon.

This question goes to all, if you are to watch Big Brother Naija Or Jenifa’s Diary at the same time, Which One Would You Rather Invest Your Time Watching out of the two?

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