Sowore said “The Problem In Nigeria Is Not Wealth Generation But Wealth Distribution” – DO YOU AGREE WITH HIM?

Whether you like it or now, Sowore is the Best Presidential Candidate this 2019.

… but sadly, the bad leaders won’t let the greatness in him see the light ☹ You all can see what they did to him in the Presidential debate, he was excluded ?

This is the kind of leader we need in Nigeria if we truly want to progress as a Nation.

See what he posted below:-

The Problem in Nigeria is Not Wealth Generation But Wealth Distribution

It will take a University Professor earning N400k monthly 10 Years to get the Monthly Salary of a Nigerian Senator ???

How do you expect a Country like that to Progress?

As A Nigerian, What Do You Have To Say About This?

Let’s hear from you all on this.

Thank you.

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