Let’s Reason!!! But Wait, If Wizkid Can Do It, Can Davido Actually Fill The 02Arena?

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Last week, news came in that tickets for Afrorepublik, Wizkid's show at the 02Arena has been sold out. Hence, he becomes the first Nigerian artiste to do so.

And not only Nigerian he becomes the first African artiste to fill up the 20,000 seater auditorium.

While Wizkid isn’t new to record breaking feats, he was the first African artiste to headline a show at The Royal Albert Hall last year, Davido is still upcoming in this category.

On Sunday, he lied he performed at Surimane, South America time over 10,000 people whereas it was only 7,000 people.

While we are not taking anything from Davido, he still performed at 02 Brixton earlier this year.

But still, opinions are at that, Wizkid still remains his father in things like this.

For you to be able to shut down shows overseas, you must have a large following over there and Wizkid has managed to build this by collaborating with foreign artiste that he remains the most featured African artiste.

Shutting down a 20,000 seater auditorium isn’t an ordinary effort. This is a remarkable feat not only for Nigeria but for the whole afrobeats community.

Now the bone of contention is ?

If Wizkid Can Do It, Can Davido Also Repeat This Feat?

Can Davido Fill Up A 10,000 Seater Auditorium Abroad Not To Even Talk Of A 20,000 02Arena?

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